I am a Songwriter and although I sing a little, I prefer to write the lyrics. I have devoted a huge portion of my heart and soul to supporting local artists by providing affordable or mostly sponsored services including custom logos, merchandise and promotions to aid in their success. I started Jojo's Logos as a way to provide my support to local artists and to help them earn a little money to assist with "gig" life expenses. At Jojo's Logos, we have produced merchandise such as shirts, koozies, decals, hats, cups, stickers and much more at cost or as a sponsorship in order to allow the artists to make a profit. Taylor Dee is our top sponsorship. We are excited to partner with her many sponsors in her rise to success. Our hopes are to do the same for new up and coming artists striving to share a gift with the world. We already have our eyes on a few local favorites of Jojo's. Stay tuned....

Sonia Kilo – Saturday, October 5th – Dodgeball Tournament @ 3pm benefitting The North Texas Food Bank
“Y’all can come see us at Canyon Road Bar & Grill in Breckenridge, TX this Saturday, October 5th!” – Taylor Dee
Come see us for a Friday night full of fun and local music as we rock the Ridglea Lounge. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased in advance or at the door. Here is the band lineup for the night:

7:30-8:30 – Matt K
8:45-9:45 – Taylor Dee & Shots Fired
10:00-11:00 – Conifer

See y’all there!

Meredith Crawford – Sunday, Oct 6

Foster’s Place – The Song Swap

Begins @ 6:30 pm

From Alternative Pop to Country Music!
Tuesday October 8, 2019 the multiple award winning The Queen Silvy Show brings the best to you:

*Sharing their story and road to success along with super fantastic LIVE performances… Singer/Songwriter Taylor Dee, Musician/
Singer-Songwriter/Producer Chad Roland and Almost Jaded ( Bassist Jared Sullivan & Guitarist/Vocalist Amy Kathleen)
~You’re in for a treat!  See More — with Taylor DeeChad RolandAmy KathleenTim McGiffinJared Sullivan and Amy Johnson