Karen Galera is a 20 year old Latin/Pop/R&B artists that is known for her mesmerizing and fierce performances. She made her debut on Season 16 of NBC The Voice. Within seconds of her blind audition she turned the chair of Kelly Clarkson and soon after she also turned the chair of John Legend. After a long battle between the two coaches Karen landed a spot on Team Kelly and made it to Top 32. Karen Galera is based out of Dallas, TX and is continuing her career by working on multiple projects that will soon be announced in early 2020. She is working on lots of new music that will start to be released in the summer of 2020 along with possibly another reality TV show?? You will have to follow her to find out!


NBC The Voice

“Within the first two notes I said I love that tone and knew you can whale. I love that you were singing in Spanish and I love that you did the whole thing in Spanish. I am in love with you! Please pick me! I picked you within SECONDS!” – Kelly Clarkson

“I take my time to decide but when I decide, it’s because you are special. Your tone is gorgeous and I think it’s time that a bilingual artists wins The Voice. Come with me Karen!” -John Legend

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