I am a husband and a dad of 6 children; ranging from 1 year old to the oldest 17 years. He is specifically a songwriter/singer. He believes the words he writes are significantly more important than his voice’s ability to carry it out. A few years ago he was playing his songs around the house and his wife told him that he didn’t suck. She told him that he should go out and play his songs just to see what happens. Kenneth’s best friend of 26 years, who has had more faith in him than he had in himself at time, dragged him to a few Open Mics and they started Project 365; “play my songs for a year – 365 days just to see what happens. From there I was incredibly fortunate to have met some of the most talented selfless singers and musicians in the DFW area. They have given me unconditional support and the confidence that I can do this with anyone out there; here at 730 days, that we can turn that Project 365 into Project Forever”! (Kenneth Waters)



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